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Meal Plan #69

After two very busy weeks without childcare, our new au pair arrives tomorrow! Woo hoo! She is oh so lovely, but also oh so vegetarian. We tend to eat mostly vegetarian meals, but I’ve gotten in the habit of throwing in a meaty meal once a week and we also have a fish dish at least once per week (I guess that’s not a very vegetarian diet now that I think about it . . . ). Continue Reading…

meal plans

Meal Plan #68

It is a busy week here in the Hungerford household! We have lots of fun things going on, but I have to say that I am most excited about my gig with my band, Wilford Social, on Thursday at The Bedford in Balham! We played this iconic venue earlier this year and are thrilled to be invited back to play a longer set. Please come by if you are in the area! We are on at 9pm, but doors are from 7:30. Entry is free! (Click here for details!)

I’m taking things a bit easy this week given how busy things are, but these are all still recipes I love. I am especially excited to make my one-pot chili pasta again! It is perfect for this blustery weather! Continue Reading…

meal plans

Meal Plan #67

Both kids are back at school this week and with the weather cooling down it definitely feels like September. Of course I jumped at the opportunity to put my favourite autumnal meal on the menu: creamy chicken soup with rice! I could seriously eat that soup all day every day (with a few pizzas mixed in of course . . . ). Continue Reading…


Squash Caponata

I have been obsessed with the idea of a “one pot wonder” for many years. A few years back when I worked for my friends at Babyccino Kids, I was thrilled to get the opportunity to request a “one pot wonder” from the amazing recipe developers over at Abel and Cole! The result was this absolutely delicious Squash Caponata that the lovely Esther and I got to film at the Able and Cole test kitchen in London.

(Let me just throw out into the universe for a moment that a cooking show would be an absolute DREAM of mine!! Gah!!)

This recipe cooks quite a bit longer than my usual hungerpot (30-40 minutes), but the result is worth it! This is a perfect, easy recipe for autumn.

Continue Reading…

meal plans

Meal Plan #66

After a completely luxurious two weeks of vacation, we are finally back home and about to jump back into a more normal schedule. Charlotte starts school this week and Peter starts his new “big boy” school next week! It is still pretty hot in London, but after sweating constantly for the last two-and-a-half weeks, we are definitely feeling ready for some cooler weather and cosy comfort foods. In fact, I’m so much looking forward to cosy foods that I’ve decided to try out some slow cooker meals this week! If they are decent I will be sure to share them with you. Continue Reading…

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Two Quick and Yummy Dinners

My friends over at Little Dish asked me to come up with some recipes to show off their new range of (low salt, no sugar/sweetner) sauces. We love Little Dish products around here, so of course we were happy to!

I came up with two fun recipes that the kids were able to make almost entirely by themselves using Little Dish’s “Classic Tomato Pasta Sauce” and “Mild Korma Cooking Sauce”. We were all quite pleased with how yummy the dishes turned out and will most definitely be making them again! Continue Reading…

meal plans

Meal Plan #65

We returned home from Camp Bestival on Monday and it has been a bit of a whirlwind since then. I’ve finally caught up with emails today and we’re nearly finished with our camping laundry. In case things weren’t busy enough, we have also applied for our UK citizenship this week! There are a few other exciting things on this week that I can’t mention yet (!!) but I will soon! Eep!  Continue Reading…


Flash Bob 2017!

Last weekend, onstage at Camp Bestival, I chopped seven inches off of my long hair.

This cut was five years in the making, but by the time it had gotten long enough to donate, I was pretty bummed to let it go! I have always been a short hair girl (I had a pixie cut for years) and the long hair made me feel beautiful and even (gasp . . . isn’t she a mum?!) a bit sexy. Continue Reading…


Friends with Recipes: Czech Goulash

I think of of my friend Nomi as the quintessential homemaker: her house is lovingly decorated, her kids impeccably dressed, her life organised, and her recipes delicious. Nomi has shared some recipes with us before on my Friends with Recipes series, and I am happy to say that she is back sharing this yummy recipe for Czech Goulash. I am excited to try this one in particular as my Grandpa Pete’s family was Czech! 

Thank you, Nomi!

Bethie xx

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