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chatter: #metoo

I attended an event last night at a local pub. As I went to the bar to buy a drink I began chatting with the man next to me. He was friendly and funny. We were chatting about how warm the room was and I mentioned how the woman behind the bar had told me how she regretted wearing a wool jumper. He responded by saying he wouldn’t mind if she just took it off and began making sexual comments about her and then about me. Continue Reading…

weekly meal plan

Meal Plan #73

This week we have Jason’s mom and step-dad visiting from California. While they are not opposed to trying new and different foods, they are generally pretty meat and potatoes type eaters. Hosting them for a week-and-a-half of mostly vegetarian eating had me a bit nervous to be honest. This week’s meal plan needed to cater to my in-laws and our vegetarian au pair, and also be family friendly and still appealing to Jason and me.

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potatoes/ roasted vegetables

Cheesy Broccoli Jacket Potato

I had never heard the term “jacket potato” until we moved to the UK. In America we would just call it a baked potato, but give it a cutesy name and it all of a sudden becomes a thing! You can find “jacket potatoes” on most cafe menus and they seem to be fairly common at dinner time as well. While I have indulged in a jacket potato at a cafe in the past, I have never tried them at home until this week (using this recipe as inspiration). The result? We’ll definitely be having them again soon!

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weekly meal plan

Meal Plan #72


If you follow me on Instagram, you will know that there has been a lot going on that hasn’t made it to these blog pages. Namely, my dear Aunt Tina died of breast cancer. She was only 47. Tina moved to my hometown when I was little and she ended up being more like a big sister than an aunt. She was always around and most definitely around when I needed someone other than my mom to talk to. I so desperately want the chance to get some last bits of advice from her, but by the time I got to Seattle from London, her mind had already slipped from what it once was. While she recognised who I was and was able to call me by name, she was not able to have any sort of conversation. Her body and mind were already shutting down. Continue Reading…

meal plans

Meal Plan #70

Our internet is out so I’m sitting in a cafe to get my work done today. I was pretty irritated this morning thinking I would have to get dressed and leave the house when I was feeling so cosy at home, but I’ve found a quiet little spot with a yummy almond latte and I really can’t complain! Continue Reading…

meal plans

Meal Plan #69

After two very busy weeks without childcare, our new au pair arrives tomorrow! Woo hoo! She is oh so lovely, but also oh so vegetarian. We tend to eat mostly vegetarian meals, but I’ve gotten in the habit of throwing in a meaty meal once a week and we also have a fish dish at least once per week (I guess that’s not a very vegetarian diet now that I think about it . . . ). Continue Reading…

meal plans

Meal Plan #68

It is a busy week here in the Hungerford household! We have lots of fun things going on, but I have to say that I am most excited about my gig with my band, Wilford Social, on Thursday at The Bedford in Balham! We played this iconic venue earlier this year and are thrilled to be invited back to play a longer set. Please come by if you are in the area! We are on at 9pm, but doors are from 7:30. Entry is free! (Click here for details!)

I’m taking things a bit easy this week given how busy things are, but these are all still recipes I love. I am especially excited to make my one-pot chili pasta again! It is perfect for this blustery weather! Continue Reading…

meal plans

Meal Plan #67

Both kids are back at school this week and with the weather cooling down it definitely feels like September. Of course I jumped at the opportunity to put my favourite autumnal meal on the menu: creamy chicken soup with rice! I could seriously eat that soup all day every day (with a few pizzas mixed in of course . . . ). Continue Reading…