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Friends with Recipes: Czech Goulash

I think of of my friend Nomi as the quintessential homemaker: her house is lovingly decorated, her kids impeccably dressed, her life organised, and her recipes delicious. Nomi has shared some recipes with us before on my Friends with Recipes series, and I am happy to say that she is back sharing this yummy recipe for Czech Goulash. I am excited to try this one in particular as my Grandpa Pete’s family was Czech! 

Thank you, Nomi!

Bethie xx

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Meal Plan #63

weekly meal planner 29

I’ve still not entirely recovered from being sick this last weekend. I’m feeling much better, but I just don’t have any motivation to get anything done. Blerg. I was hoping to knock out some work this afternoon, but Pete ended up home from school with a stomach bug, so I guess I can’t win this week.

This week’s meal plan is late to be posted, but we have been following it all week just the same. We’re using up some chicken from the freezer, and returning to one of my current favourite recipes of lentils and vegetables in a peanut sauce. Mmmm!!

Teriyaki Chicken

Lentils and Veg in Peanut Sauce

Store-bought Ravioli with Veg

Fish Tacos

Homemade Pizza

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Meal Plan #62

I found out at the end of last week that a very close friend of mine in high school died unexpectedly. His heart failed failed while he was camping alone. I had been thinking of him a lot recently because I just wrote a song about him with my band. I had pulled out a bunch of pictures of him while we were writing it to use as inspiration and meant to send some of them to him but didn’t get to it in time. Continue Reading…

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Meal Plan #60

First of all I’ve got BIG news: my band is playing at Camp Bestival!!! I am SO excited! But (as I have just posted on my IG stories) I have no clue where to find a good outfit to play a festival so your tips are very very welcome!

We’re returning to some old favourites this week per request. The kids want my (super easy!) mac & cheese, and I’m dying to have another round of chicken soup with rice even though it isn’t particularly seasonally appropriate. It is just so yummy! Continue Reading…


Meat and Veg Sloppy Joes

You could probably guess that “sloppy joes” were American by the name alone. Once you see a picture, then you can be sure they are American!

Sloppy joes are basically stewed beef sandwiches in a tangy sauce served on hamburger buns. While you can purchase pre-made sauce in America, they really aren’t very difficult (and are much tastier!) to make from scratch. I have tried my grandmother’s recipe in the past, but think I must have written it down incorrectly because it just didn’t work. This time I have used this recipe as my inspiration (followed very loosely but I thought I should still link to it), and am very happy with the outcome!  Continue Reading…

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Meal Plan #59

Last week was half-term and our meal plan more or less went out the window. One day we had a playdate (and I always try to offer something simple and unchallenging for other kids), and there were two meals that I failed to get the main ingredients for! (Gah!) Luckily we were able to pull some impromptu meals together (not my forte) and we ended up ordering a pizza on Friday night. That being said, this week will basically be a repeat of last week. I debated posting this, but as this blog is really just a record of what we eat, I thought it would be helpful to share how sometimes things don’t happen as planned. Such is life, eh? We just adjust and keep going.

Our lovely au pair, Elisabeth, went home to Germany last week and brought us back some white asparagus which I am very excited about for this week! She is going to prepare it with potatoes, hollandaise sauce, and ham. I can’t wait! Continue Reading…


Chatter: An Ideal Body

There must be very few people in the world who look at their bodies and are completely happy with what they see. I certainly wish I were one of them, but that most certainly isn’t the case: I have intimate knowledge of all my imperfections and therefore find them difficult to ignore. In fact, I have spent a large part of my life trying to hide these imperfections because compared to other bodies that I see, my body is far from perfect. That being said, I find myself most often comparing myself to the “ideal” bodies of models and actresses that undress for the camera as these are the undressed bodies I most regularly encounter. And comparing myself to the “ideal” (aka: nipped and tucked, and photoshopped) bodies I see in the media simply isn’t fair.

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Meal Plan #58

We’ve just spent the loveliest weekend with friends in Brighton. Since we were with fellow food lovers, we spent a lot of time eating yummy donuts, looking through cookbooks, picnicking, and drinking amazing cocktails (I had one that was a turmeric chai number with cardamom gin. SO. GOOD.) I hope you’re doing something fun this long weekend as well!

It is half term this week which means we’ll have more time for cooking in general (and perhaps sneak in pizza at the park one night?) so I’ve made sure that at least one meal can be shelved for another week.

PS: Thanks for all the Israeli couscous suggestions from last week’s post! I ended up sautéing it in olive oil before cooking it up with chicken stock. I then added a bit of parmesan cheese and herbs and it was delicious!!

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Meal Plan #57

Anyone else feel like time is speeding up? Perhaps it is because we have a lot coming up on our social calendar, or maybe it is because spring is in the air? I’m not sure, but I definitely have the sense that time is flying by!

This week is a full one with some fun events, lots of rehearsals, a photoshoot, and a Wilford Social gig, before ending the week in Brighton seeing friends. We’ll be keeping things pretty simple (as usual), but I am particularly excited to try out a spice kit I was sent from a local company called Mister Paste. The sauce is for rogan josh which is typically made with lamb, but I stressed myself out thinking of cooking lamb (sweet baby angels) and decided to go with cauliflower and squash instead. 😀

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