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Meal Plan #39

Thank you all SO much for all the feedback you gave us on the survey! I have read every single comment (multiple times!) and found your responses both inspiring and enormously helpful. (The survey will be open for another week if you haven’t yet done it. It is only five questions and shouldn’t take more than a minute or two to complete!)

As per the survey results, I’ve decided to continue with my meal plans (which I was ready to ditch!). I do them for myself every single week regardless of whether or not I post them, but given that you all find them helpful, I’ll keep sharing them as well! So here we go again: welcome to the first meal plan of 2017! Whoop whoop! Continue Reading…


Hungermama Survey

Dear Friends,

I’ve taken a few months off of blogging here at Hungermama, but my girl Kate and I are planning to dive back in head first in 2017! It would be enormously helpful to get some feedback from you (the good and the bad!) so we can know where to focus our attention. The survey below is only five questions long, and shouldn’t take more than a minute or so to complete! (You may need to scroll down on the survey itself to see all five questions.)

Lots of love,


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Thank you!!

Bethie xx


Quick Pickles, or ‘Quickles’

By Kate Davies

Quick pickles, or ‘quickles’, are a great way to sneak some flair into your cooking. They are also a quick and relatively healthy snack. Store them in the refrigerator, because they are not preserved or canned. I make a simple brine with vinegar, salt, a touch of sugar, and whatever spices I feel like throwing in (mustard seeds, coriander, peppercorns, bay leaf, and star anise are my favorites). There’s lots of room to play around with the components to dial in your flavors. The following brine recipe calls for apple cider vinegar, but unseasoned rice or white vinegar work just as well.

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Artichokes – by Kate Davies

Cooking for my family is one way for me to stay connected to my professional and personal love of food. We have family favorites which (miraculously) please everyone. Then there are nights when it feels good to make one or two of us exceedingly happy by preparing a favorite dish, even if it’s not a universal hit.

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weekly meal plan

Meal Plan #38


It is half-term craziness around here, so I’m taking things pretty easy. Mostly, I just love an excuse to get some Pieminster pies for dinner (not and ad!). They aren’t super healthy, but they are super delicious indeed and fine for a treat now and then. (They’re also on sale via Ocado right now! Whoop!) I’m also pumped for miso soup night. Every time I make it I kick myself for not making it more often. It is so comforting and yummy, and easy peasy to make! Recipe to come! Continue Reading…


Friends with Recipes: Apple Sharlotka

Forgive me for not posting many of my own recipes recently. I have so many other things going on right now, and the first thing to go on the back burner is all the stuff I do for fun, like the blog! But have no fear, I have a massive backlog of recipes for you as well as some fun Friends with Recipes posts. This one comes from the lovely Lara who is another American in London. She blogs for Babyccino Kids and can be found Instagramming her gorgeous family here.

Bethie xx

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brussels sprouts

Brussels Sprouts With Preserved Lemon

by Kate Davies

Recently my stepson Luc was asked about his favorite food, and he gleefully replied ‘brussels sprouts!!’. The inquiring adult assumed he was joking, but the boy does love some sprouts. We all do, and in fall they are a staple. This recipe calls for bacon, but it can be made vegetarian and it’s still delicious. Brussels sprouts are often overcooked for my taste; to avoid mushy sprouts crank up the heat and don’t overcrowd your pan. Resist the urge to stir frequently; they will caramelize nicely if left alone. The stock allows you to manage the color on the bacon and the aromatics, so if they are getting too dark add a dash of stock to keep them from burning. If you are unfamiliar with preserved lemon, it can be found in middle eastern and mediterranean grocery stores. Only use the peel, keeping in mind it is quite salty.

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weekly meal plan

Meal Plan #37


I am so happy for the cooler weather. Summer is great fun, but I adore the cosiness of big wool jumpers, extra blankets on the bed, and comfort foods. Jason and the kids made all sorts of cosy goodies this weekend including some ginger cake that made the entire house smell incredible. He also made a big batch of tartiflette last night that was absolutely amazing (though my lactose intolerant tummy is still paying for it this morning!).  I don’t have anything quite that decadent planned for this week, but I am definitely looking forward to some shrimp tacos and this miso sweet potato broccoli bowl that completely caught my eye on IG last week! Continue Reading…

Friends with Recipes/ Mexican

Friends with Recipes: Chicken Enchiladas


We have another beautiful meal from my lovely friend Nomi today! Her baked gnocchi recipe was super popular, and I have no doubt this one will be as well. Everything Nomi cooks, bakes, sews, etc. is so utterly wholesome and charming; I hope she keeps sending us posts to share!

Bethie xx

(PS: Check out this mermaid outfit she threw together for her daughter last minute. So flipping cute!!)

Baked Enchiladas – by Nomi Olsthoorn

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weekly meal plan

Meal Plan 36


While my niece and I spent the weekend running around London, Jason and the kids were cooking up a storm! We woke up to fresh scones Saturday morning and finished the day with homemade apple pie. Sunday morning they mad fresh loaves of bread, and dinner was a hearty fish pie. Our kitchen is still a bit of a mess because of all the action it got, but it was worth every dirty dish! Continue Reading…