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Meal Plan #46

My brother is coming to visit this week! His nineteen-year-old daughter, Devon, has been living with us for the last six months and he’s coming for a visit before they travel through Europe for a month or so.

My (pescatarian) brother lives on an urban farm in Seattle where eats incredibly well from the crops that grow in his yard. Whatever he can’t grow, he barters for or buys from local farmer’s markets. (They buy bulk foods once a month from a grocery store.) They make their own yoghurt and kombucha, only eat local foods, and they even keep their own chickens and bees. Staying with his littlest sister who buys everything in a package from an online grocery store will be a bit of a change to say the least! Fingers crossed he likes my cooking! Continue Reading…

friends with recipes/ mushroom

Friends with Recipes: Mushroom Stroganoff

I’m back with my first “Friends with Recipes” post in ages! This is the series where we ask you the reader to share your favourite go-to recipe with us. We’ve had everything from fish cakes to chicken enchiladas and all sorts of other great recipes in between. Please write me at if you have a recipe you would like to share!

Today’s recipe is from blogger and fellow meal planner Charlotte of Baking Betsy. She has shared a beautiful mushroom stroganoff with us that looks absolutely delicious! I hope you enjoy it!

Bethie xx

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One-Pot Chili Pasta

Happy Wednesday! We are currently in the middle of our second week of half term (last week was one kid, and this week is the other) so things have been a bit crazy. The good news is that we have had warmer weather this week than we have had in ages! We’ve been skipping our jackets, wearing shoes without socks, and playing in the park. It has been brilliant!

Despite the warmer weather, we’re still not quite out of the winter woods and it is still nice to settle in to a cosy dinner in the evenings. This recipe is perfect for that!

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weekly meal plan

Meal Plan #45


I have started a new Hungermama newsletter and would LOVE for you to join. The newsletter will only come out once a month and will include round ups of the best family-friendly recipes from various food blogs, tips and tricks for getting your kids to eat well, and lots of behind the scenes thoughts and pics. We’ll also be featuring Q & A’s from YOU the readers on what you feed your families, links to your favourite recipes, and insights into your most used items/products in your kitchen! We would love for you to join in the fun! Just enter your email address below and we’re good to go. (We promise not to spam you or sell your address!)


Easy Prawn and Broccoli Risotto

The Silver Spoon is well known as the Italian cookbook bible. Though I am generally too lazy of a cook to put in enough effort to cook from it, I do love looking through it for inspiration (and every now and then my husband cooks from it for me!). Needless to say, my interest was piqued when I learned they had come out with The Silver Spoon for children. Flipping through, I saw that the recipes were all super easy, yet still very high quality. It was no coincidence that Charlotte received it from my parents as a Christmas gift this year. 😀

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Meal Plan #43

Last week I realised quite late on Thursday night that I didn’t have what I needed to make dinner. I had ordered a butternut squash on my online shop for this recipe, and it ended up being no where near the size I needed to feed the five of us. I had nothing in the freezer that would be easy, and didn’t even have any tinned soup in the cupboard. I ended up ordering some (delicious) Indian food, but I felt totally defeated by it all.

The panic of realising it was dinner time and I had no dinner reminded of another reason why I meal plan: it makes me feel in charge, prepared, and ultimately, more calm. As someone who has always struggled with anxiety, anything I can do during my week to feel organised and prepared will never go unappreciated. The thought of facing another weeknight with blank eyes is too much for me, so PLEASE share your cupboard meals with me in the comments below! What do you make when you have nothing else planned and no real groceries in the house?

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Instagram basics

Instagram 101: the basics

There is no rulebook on how to be a good instagrammer. To make things even more ambiguous, instagrammers rarely share what they are doing behind the scenes to create their successful accounts. You can tell their photos look good, but you don’t know why. Well, here’s a peek behind the curtain into what they are doing! This is the first in my series of Instagram secrets that I am calling “Instagram 101”.

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Meal Plan #42

This week’s meal plan has suggestions from both my niece (teriyaki salmon) and my daughter (loaded toasted cheese sandwiches). I am personally excited to try my hand at Mexican stuffed peppers, but also pretty pumped to finally try out the vegetarian Thai curry that Rachel shared with us last year!

Speaking of, I love reading and sharing your favourite, go-to recipes so please drop me a line if you have one you’d like to share! Continue Reading…


Sweet Potato Slow Cooker Chili

When Charlotte (my eldest) was nearly three, she moved from a daycare to a nursery school. My schedule then went from three full days of childcare per week, to five partial days (12-3pm). Given that it took nearly an hour to get her to school by bus, and another hour to get home by bus, I was left with about an hour of childfree time every day. In addition to the crazy schedule, I was pregnant with my son and feeling absolutely knackered all the time. In order to save my sanity, we eventually moved across the street from my daughter’s school, but before that happened, we spent about four months with this bonkers schedule. The only way I could get dinner on the table was for us to live off of slow cooker meals.

Not being big meat eaters, I found it tricky to find meat-free slow cooker meals that weren’t just combinations of tinned ingredients. (This recipe still calls for tinned ingredients, but far fewer than many other recipes I found!) I tried all sorts of recipes and this sweet potato chili was definitely a favourite. (These Korean beef tacos are a favourite as well, but are much more involved!) This recipe is also great because you can dress it up with lots of fun accoutrement such as sliced radishes and tortilla chips. It is also excellent with some hot cornbread! Continue Reading…