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Chatter: An Ideal Body

There must be very few people in the world who look at their bodies and are completely happy with what they see. I certainly wish I were one of them, but that most certainly isn’t the case: I have intimate knowledge of all my imperfections and therefore find them difficult to ignore. In fact, I have spent a large part of my life trying to hide these imperfections because compared to other bodies that I see, my body is far from perfect. That being said, I find myself most often comparing myself to the “ideal” bodies of models and actresses that undress for the camera as these are the undressed bodies I most regularly encounter. And comparing myself to the “ideal” (aka: nipped and tucked, and photoshopped) bodies I see in the media simply isn’t fair.

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meal plans

Meal Plan #58

We’ve just spent the loveliest weekend with friends in Brighton. Since we were with fellow food lovers, we spent a lot of time eating yummy donuts, looking through cookbooks, picnicking, and drinking amazing cocktails (I had one that was a turmeric chai number with cardamom gin. SO. GOOD.) I hope you’re doing something fun this long weekend as well!

It is half term this week which means we’ll have more time for cooking in general (and perhaps sneak in pizza at the park one night?) so I’ve made sure that at least one meal can be shelved for another week.

PS: Thanks for all the Israeli couscous suggestions from last week’s post! I ended up sautéing it in olive oil before cooking it up with chicken stock. I then added a bit of parmesan cheese and herbs and it was delicious!!

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meal plans

Meal Plan #57

Anyone else feel like time is speeding up? Perhaps it is because we have a lot coming up on our social calendar, or maybe it is because spring is in the air? I’m not sure, but I definitely have the sense that time is flying by!

This week is a full one with some fun events, lots of rehearsals, a photoshoot, and a Wilford Social gig, before ending the week in Brighton seeing friends. We’ll be keeping things pretty simple (as usual), but I am particularly excited to try out a spice kit I was sent from a local company called Mister Paste. The sauce is for rogan josh which is typically made with lamb, but I stressed myself out thinking of cooking lamb (sweet baby angels) and decided to go with cauliflower and squash instead. 😀

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Creamy Chicken Soup with Rice

Anyone else love Maurice Sendak books as a kid? There is one (later set to music by Carol King) called “Chicken Soup with Rice”* and it is basically a love song devoted to the meal. I never minded chicken soup with rice as a kid (my mom made it occasionally) but it wasn’t until a few months ago I really understood why this meal deserved its own love song. After trying out (and then adapting) a recipe for a creamy chicken soup with rice, I can now say that I completely understand the sentiment. (Also, the song is pretty catchy, so there is a lot to love here.) So do yourself and your kids a favour and put on this youtube video* while you whip up a batch of this outrageously delicious soup. I promise you won’t regret it!

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meal plans

Meal Plan #56

After an absolutely amazing whirlwind trip to Venice, I am now back home with my little family. I used to travel so much when Charlotte was little, and while it has been the right decision for us that I no longer do that, it was nice to have some solo mama time. I got to dine late, have a long lie in, and wear lipstick and heels. What a life!

I was in Venice to attend the opening of a Biennale art exhibit that had my voice playing as part of a soundtrack. It is fun to think that my voice is still serenading Venice even without me there! There is already talk of another project that will involve me for 2019 that could involve me spending more time in Venice. I already can’t wait! Venice is pure magic.

In other news, poor Kate has hurt her back and is taking a bit of a hiatus. Good news is that I have a backlog of recipes to post so hopefully Kate’s absence will get me to post them! (Get well soon, Kate!!)

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meal plans

Meal Plan #55

Anyone else wake up at the crack of dawn with their mind racing a mile a minute? This has been happening to me nearly every day lately and this morning I decided to just embrace it. I am up and alone in a quiet house and it is so peaceful! What a chill way to start the day!

This week will be pretty epic as I am flying to Venice midweek to head to The Biennale! The Biennale is a massive art exhibition that happens every two years in Venice. I sang for a soundtrack that was recorded for one of the art exhibits (of a completely fascinating artist) and I’m pretty pumped to get to attend the opening of his exhibit. Jason and I were just in Venice a few months ago and hit many of the popular sites, so I would love to hear any tips for spots that are off the beaten path! In the meantime, here’s what we’re eating this week:

Chicken Soup with Rice
(Making some changes to a FAB recipe I tried a few months ago. If it turns out, I’ll share it with you this week!)

Sweet Potato and Kale Quinoa Patties
(Hungermama recipe!)

Elisabeth Casserole
(Our au pair is making some sort of cauliflower, ham, and potato casserole. I didn’t know what else to call it, so I’ve named it after her. :D)

Garlic Shrimp Pasta


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Thoughts on Belonging

In attempts to ground myself in areas that feel a bit lost to me, I have started making some changes in my life. One major one is that I got new head shots done so that I can start pursuing acting again! (So scary!) Another is that I’ve started attending a local Quaker meeting house. The service (if you could even call it that) is basically a group meditation: it involves a group of people sitting in a room together in silence. If someone feels moved, they can stand up and share a brief thought before returning the room to silence. The meeting I attended this weekend only had two people share (about what it means to belong in a community) and it felt like they were speaking directly to me and it got me thinking. Continue Reading…


Lentils and Veg in Peanut Sauce

I have made this dish a number of times and finally managed to write down my version. I based my recipe on this one, but doubled it, simplified it, and removed the spiciness (grownups can easily add it back in later).

This recipe is great for using whatever leftover veg you have hanging around your fridge. It could be made even easier if you purchase the pre-cut veg from the store as the chopping is the most time consuming bit! (But I enjoy a bit of chopping, so happy to do it myself.) Continue Reading…