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Meat and Veg Sloppy Joes

You could probably guess that “sloppy joes” were American by the name alone. Once you see a picture, then you can be sure they are American!

Sloppy joes are basically stewed beef sandwiches in a tangy sauce served on hamburger buns. While you can purchase pre-made sauce in America, they really aren’t very difficult (and are much tastier!) to make from scratch. I have tried my grandmother’s recipe in the past, but think I must have written it down incorrectly because it just didn’t work. This time I have used this recipe as my inspiration (followed very loosely but I thought I should still link to it), and am very happy with the outcome!  Continue Reading…


Friends with Recipes: Cottage Pie

Today’s Friends with Recipes recipe comes from Ruthy (AKA: Omeletta). Ruthy has perhaps one of the best jobs ever: recipe tester. How cool is that?! I like to imagine her lounging in a reclining deck chair outside a large manor house being fed various delicious concoctions by good looking wait staff. I’m sure that’s exactly what she does. (PS: For the record, I am happy to fulfil this position for any wealthy manor house owners who have an opening . . . )

I love recipes that have a story behind them. The story as to why this New Yorker has a killer cottage pie recipe is a love story (the best kind of story!). Both recipe and story are below from the lovely Ruthy!

Bethie x

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beef/ one-pot meal/ pasta

One-Pot Chili Pasta

Happy Wednesday! We are currently in the middle of our second week of half term (last week was one kid, and this week is the other) so things have been a bit crazy. The good news is that we have had warmer weather this week than we have had in ages! We’ve been skipping our jackets, wearing shoes without socks, and playing in the park. It has been brilliant!

Despite the warmer weather, we’re still not quite out of the winter woods and it is still nice to settle in to a cosy dinner in the evenings. This recipe is perfect for that!

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