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Two Quick and Yummy Dinners

My friends over at Little Dish asked me to come up with some recipes to show off their new range of (low salt, no sugar/sweetner) sauces. We love Little Dish products around here, so of course we were happy to!

I came up with two fun recipes that the kids were able to make almost entirely by themselves using Little Dish’s “Classic Tomato Pasta Sauce” and “Mild Korma Cooking Sauce”. We were all quite pleased with how yummy the dishes turned out and will most definitely be making them again! Continue Reading…

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Creamy Chicken Soup with Rice

Anyone else love Maurice Sendak books as a kid? There is one (later set to music by Carol King) called “Chicken Soup with Rice”* and it is basically a love song devoted to the meal. I never minded chicken soup with rice as a kid (my mom made it occasionally) but it wasn’t until a few months ago I really understood why this meal deserved its own love song. After trying out (and then adapting) a recipe for a creamy chicken soup with rice, I can now say that I completely understand the sentiment. (Also, the song is pretty catchy, so there is a lot to love here.) So do yourself and your kids a favour and put on this youtube video* while you whip up a batch of this outrageously delicious soup. I promise you won’t regret it!

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BIG NEWS (and lettuce wraps)

Kate and I have been friends for nearly 25 years. For nearly a quarter of a century, we have laughed together, cried together, traveled together, and even lived together. I more or less think of her as a sister. 

When I started to think that I could use some help keeping up with the blog, Kate was an obvious choice. Not only is she one of the best cooks I know (she studied at the Culinary Institute of America), but she is also one of my most favourite people on the planet. Though she has never blogged before, she is a much better writer than I am, and I know she is going to be awesome. You guys will totally love her. 


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