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weekly meal plan

weekly meal plan

Meal Plan #49

Next week will be my fiftieth meal plan! How on earth did that happen? Well, actually, I remember quite clearly: my friend Sarah made me start a blog to share my meal plans, and I dutifully obeyed. 🙂

It makes me all kinds of happy that you all join me here on the blog every week. During a time when I felt particularly lost and even a bit useless, this blog helped me focus my energies into something that makes me happy. And it has made me happy. YOU all make me happy (because blogging is no fun if no one reads it! Ha!). So thank you for joining me week after week. (And if you have any ideas of how I could celebrate my fiftieth meal plan, send them my way!)

Potato Leek Soup

Rice and Fish
(Per Charlotte’s request. I’m taking it easy and ordered these.*)

Savoury Apple Pancakes
(Our German au pair is making these and I’m SO curious as to what they are!)

Veggies and Chickpeas in Peanut Sauce
(didn’t get to this last week)


*not an affiliate link

weekly meal plan

Meal Plan #48

Our new German au pair, Elisabeth, arrived at the end of last week! She is the absolute sweetest thing and we are SO excited to have her with us for the next six months. We spent the weekend getting to know each other and showing her around a bit and today is her first day with the kids. My head is spinning with thoughts of all I can get done! Continue Reading…

weekly meal plan

Meal Plan #47

After living with us for the last six months, my niece moved out this weekend. We are all sad to see her go, but we’re also looking forward to our new au pair (Elisabeth) arriving at the end of the week! It is a big transition week for the Hungerford household. We have a lot of tasks to do around the house before Elisabeth arrives (and I’ll have no childcare!) so we are taking it easy in the food department. Two pre-made meals (pizza and lasagna), a semi-homemade meal (falafel), a meal I could make with my eyes closed (salmon) and a slow cooker meal (black bean soup). Continue Reading…

weekly meal plan

Meal Plan #46

My brother is coming to visit this week! His nineteen-year-old daughter, Devon, has been living with us for the last six months and he’s coming for a visit before they travel through Europe for a month or so.

My (pescatarian) brother lives on an urban farm in Seattle where eats incredibly well from the crops that grow in his yard. Whatever he can’t grow, he barters for or buys from local farmer’s markets. (They buy bulk foods once a month from a grocery store.) They make their own yoghurt and kombucha, only eat local foods, and they even keep their own chickens and bees. Staying with his littlest sister who buys everything in a package from an online grocery store will be a bit of a change to say the least! Fingers crossed he likes my cooking! Continue Reading…

weekly meal plan

Meal Plan #45


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