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Quick Meal: Falafel with Kale Tabouli

My weekly meal plans usually involve a few actual recipes, and a few quick meals. One of our favourite quick meals is falafel sandwiches. They are yummy, relatively healthy (especially if you bake them), and can be thrown together quite quickly and painlessly. I normally just half some pita bread, spread some hummus and tzatziki (a Greek, yoghurt based sauce) inside, add some shredded spinach, tomatoes, cucumber, and then try to shove in a few falafel balls. (I also like mine with some hot sauce!)

Tonight we had ready-made falafel on the menu, but when I realised we had all the ingredients for some kale tabouli salad, I decided to make some of that as well. (Tabouli salad is normally made with parsley, but I prefer to make it with kale. That being said, it would probably be good with both parsley and kale! #nexttime)

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