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Hot Roast Beef Sandwiches

One of my mom’s go-to weeknight dinners was something she called “hot roast beef sandwiches”.  They were always a favourite of mine because they were served with a side of hot au jus which was deliciously savoury and salty. Au jus is usually made from pan drippings (presumably after you cook a hunk of beef for the sandwiches . . . ), but given that our roast beef this evening came pre-scliced in a package, that wasn’t really an option for us.

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meal plans

Weekly Meal Plan #5

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My busiest week of the year has finally passed, and I am looking forward to a relaxed and cosy few weeks leading up to Christmas! This week’s meal plan certainly reflects that: it is full of tummy warming comfort foods. I’m especially looking forward to the chicken and dumplings. It is such an easy and delicious meal!

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Bacon, Spinach, and Sautéed Onion Grilled Cheese.

I usually stick to healthier dinners than this, but when I saw this recipe on Cup of Jo last week, I knew I had to give it a go! My version ended up being quite different from the original recipe due to the bacon and a few shortcuts, but I can’t imagine that the original was any tastier because this was out-of-this-world delicious!! Definitely a decadent treat, but it still had spinach in it, so I refuse to feel guilty about it! 😉

Hungermama grilled cheese

While this doesn’t qualify as a one-pot meal, it is technically a one-pan meal! When all was said and done, I had only dirtied a cutting board, knife, two spatulas, and one pan. Oh, and a wine glass . . .

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meal plans

Weekly Meal Plan #1

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Twice baked Mexican sweet potatoes

One pot Thai pasta with peanut sauce
[Hungermama version]


“Grown up” grilled cheese sandwiches
[Hungermama version]


Every weekend I sit down with my iPhone and plan our meals for the week. I find inspiration from cookbooks and Pinterest (but truth be told, I mostly just use Pinterest!). As I choose our meals, I then go onto the Ocado app on my phone (which I’ve used for years and I LOVE!) and add all the ingredients to our weekly food order. That’s it! I am then all set for meals for the week. It takes about 15-30 minutes to find the recipes and put together a full food order, but that little bit of planning saves me a world of stress during the week.

As you can see above, I am only making three actual recipes this week (I’m counting the grilled cheese because it requires following a recipe). Sometimes I do more, and sometimes I do less depending on the week. I am singing a gig in town Monday night, so that needed to be easy for the sitter/Jason to throw together. The rest of the week is pretty low key, so I’m throwing in a new recipe, along with a recipe I want to tweak. Then Friday is pizza night!

Please let me know if you have any questions about this week’s meal plan! I’d love to chat!