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Meal Plans

Meal Plan #91

It is rare that I put in extra effort for a weeknight meal. Actually, now that I think about it, it has been YEARS since I last put in actual effort into any meal! My husband is usually the one who cooks for guests, and I’ve just not had the need (nor the desire) to go the extra mile for a weeknight meal. That being said, I am so very excited for the Romanian Stuffed Peppers on my meal plan this week. The recipe takes over two hours to cook (holy moly) but it is a meal I love so very much that I am willing to prepare it early in the day to make it all happen. It is not at all fussy to put together, but the time element definitely makes it a “fussy” recipe in my mind. If it turns out I’ll definitely post it on the blog! Fingers crossed! Continue Reading…


Friends with Recipes: THE PODCAST

I have always been a fan of podcasts (read more here) so it is a total dream to finally be starting one of my own! Friends with Recipes is a podcast featuring your favourite people, and their favourite recipes. Each episode will involve me going to the home of a guest where they will cook me their favourite recipe. We’ll chat food, work, love, life, and everything in between whilst my guest cooks up anything from pancakes to pork chops to cherry pie.  Continue Reading…

Meal Plans

Meal Plan #90

I could quite easily be a vegetarian. Veganism has always seemed a bit too fussy for my taste, but it is something I could also get behind if pressed on the subject (this is, of course, presuming that both of these options would make an exception for bacon). But as someone who can’t digest either soy or dairy products and gets quite gaseous from too many legumes, my protein options would be severely limited if I cut out all animal products.  Continue Reading…

Meal Plans

Meal Plan #89


I just checked, and it appears that my 100th meal plan on the blog will go up the week of my birthday! How fun! I started this blog nearly three years ago now when a friend convinced me to share my obsession with meal planning. I didn’t think anyone would read it, but thank you all for proving me wrong!  Continue Reading…

Meal Plans

Meal Plan #87

The kids are back in school today! Hurray! I am so excited to jump into autumn! As I mentioned on instagram this morning, I am directing my focus on my new podcast (yay!) and drafting an outline for a book on picky eaters. It will be based on this post that I wrote a few years ago that remains one of my most popular posts. I have so much more to say on the subject and considered writing more about it on the blog, before realising that it would be best suited in book form! Continue Reading…

Meal Plans

Meal Plan #86

We have had a very full and busy summer, and we are finally in the home stretch back to school! Don’t get me wrong, I love spending time with my kids, but I also appreciate a bit of space, ya know? Both kids start back full-time next week and I am already planning out how I will be spending my time: I’m starting a podcast!

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Chatter: On Grief

I realised recently that it has nearly been a year since my Aunt Tina died. Tina was only ten years older than me and was really more like a big sister than an aunt. Losing her to breast cancer last year was devastating, but I was so very grateful to have been there holding her hand when she passed.

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Non - Vegetarian Meals

Honey, Garlic Chicken

I am not a very big chicken fan, so when I find a chicken recipe I actually like (like this one!!) it becomes a regular part of our routine as my kids LOVE chicken! They particularly like “chicken on the bone” (drumsticks). I personally dislike drumsticks because all the flavour ends up on the skin, and I don’t eat the skin, so it ends up being quite bland. These drumsticks, however, have no skin so the flavour goes straight through to the meat. They also marinate all day, so that doesn’t hurt things either. 😉

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