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Friends with Recipes: THE PODCAST

I have always been a fan of podcasts (read more here) so it is a total dream to finally be starting one of my own! Friends with Recipes is a podcast featuring your favourite people, and their favourite recipes. Each episode will involve me going to the home of a guest where they will cook me their favourite recipe. We’ll chat food, work, love, life, and everything in between whilst my guest cooks up anything from pancakes to pork chops to cherry pie.  Continue Reading…


“No Cook” Dinners

The point of meal planning is to make life easier, but there are  some nights when no recipe could possibly be simple enough. On nights like these it is tempting to order take out, or dig a frozen pizza out of the freezer, but I’d love to share with you a few other options that are healthy, fun, and require zero cooking!

[This post is sponsored by Little Dish who make easy and nutritious meals for kids, but I am also sharing some other fun quick dinner ideas, so please read on!]


I know how to make a beautiful Spanish tortilla and can even bang up a delicious gazpacho, but that’s not what I’m talking about here. I’m really just talking about pulling all the olives, gherkins, cheese, lunch meats, dips, crackers, breads, and any other snacky item lurking about your kitchen and plating them. We love this type of meal so much around here, it often shows up on my meal plans for the week (though if I’m planning ahead I’ll add some trickier bits such as falafel or this as well)! Throw some raw veggies into the mix or a salad on the side and you are good to go. The kids love being able to snack their way through dinner, and I love the fun, casual vibe of an easy night. (The pic below is from a playdate tapas dinner with Charlotte’s good friend Jonah.)

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Packed Lunches!

When Charlotte first started nursery (five years ago!) I did loads of research to find the perfect lunchbox for her. After much searching and review reading, I finally decided to get a Yumbox (this is NOT a sponsored post!). I loved how the box allowed me to send her with a variety of foods as opposed to simply a sandwich and bag of crisps. It made the whole idea of having to pack a lunch so much more fun!

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Hungermama Survey 2018


Dear Friends,

Since re-commiting to the blog at the beginning of 2017, Hungermama has seen a lovely, steady flow of traffic. Even with slightly sporadic posting, we’ve still received well over 100K visits this year with an average of 350 of you visiting the blog every day. Your interest and participation give us the motivation to continue putting in the hours, and we truly appreciate each and every one of you.

Goals for the blog this year include better organisation of recipes and posts, more regular posting, firing up the newsletter, and perhaps a bit of branching out from recipe posts (depending on how the survey goes! Ha!). I am also planning to add adverts to the blog. (I know . . . ) But if we are going to put more effort into regular posts, it only makes sense to be compensated for that time.

It would be enormously helpful to get some feedback from you (the good and the bad!) so we can know where to focus our attention in 2018. The survey below is only five questions long, and shouldn’t take more than a minute or so to complete. (You may need to scroll down on the survey itself to see all five questions or click here to be taken directly to the survey.)

Lots of love,


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Homemade Vanilla Extract

By Vicki Walsh:

I’m trying to be a better version of myself. I’m trying to be thoughtful, prepared, and more in control of my life. In order to achieve this, I’ve been planning more, I’ve been organizing my days more … and I’ve been buying vanilla beans in bulk. The planner inside me has eagerly been studying the calendar lately – it’s already the second week of November! Colder days, darker evenings, colourful knitwear, hot chocolate by the fire, extra blankets. All of this can only possibly mean one thing: it’s time to start planning our holiday gifting!

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Fresh Fava Bean Pesto

When I saw the fresh fava beans at the market last night, I remembered two things: the delightful fava bean toasts from the restaurant Essex, and our giant pot of basil growing rampant under the watchful eyes of the chickens in our backyard. When I came to harvest the basil this afternoon, they seemed concerned. Continue Reading…


Yummy Snacks from Little Dish

I have long been a fan of Little Dish products. When I decided to start advertising on the blog, Little Dish was an obvious brand for me to reach out to. The following is a post sponsored by Little Dish, but all the opinions are mine. Thank you for supporting the brands that support Hungermama!

Bethie xx

While I generally shy away from bland “kid food”, I love that Little Dish makes an effort to introduce bold flavours into their snacks. I also appreciate that Little Dish also makes sure that their snacks are full of good things for kids. Their new nutritionist approved Pop Pops (Arrested Development, anyone?) are made of chickpeas which makes them a good source of protein and fibre.

Pop Pops are also low in salt and saturated fat (especially when compared to other crisps!) and they contain no artificial colours, flavours, or preservatives. That being said, their healthiness doesn’t affect the flavour at all. I’ve been known to steal a bag of these for myself! (I especially like the original flavour, which is a low-salt version of salt and vinegar!)

We don’t normally keep many snacks around the house as I prefer to give the kids whole fruits, or nuts, but we have really enjoyed having Pop Pops around. They come in little bags that have a fun animal sticker to use for resealing the bag (though my kids have never not finished a bag and so just put the stickers on their shirts!).

We have also enjoyed sharing Pop Pops with friends. Often during playdates I worry that our healthy food options are a bore for my kids’ friends. While my kids will happily eat cucumber and carrot as a snack, not all kids are as keen. Having some bags of Pop Pops in the cupboard give us a fun, healthy option that the kids love and I don’t feel guilty about.

Little Dish Chickpea Pop Pops are sold in the Baby Aisle in Sainsburys and Tesco. Be sure to check out their Go Gos while you’re there. We love them as well!


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Instagram 101: the basics

There is no rulebook on how to be a good instagrammer. To make things even more ambiguous, instagrammers rarely share what they are doing behind the scenes to create their successful accounts. You can tell their photos look good, but you don’t know why. Well, here’s a peek behind the curtain into what they are doing! This is the first in my series of Instagram secrets that I am calling “Instagram 101”.

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