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I have had the pleasure of working with small businesses for the last five years. I started with Babyccino Kids before moving onto Hustle + Fox, then The Mamahood. I have also worked with small businesses one-on-one through my blog and instagram. I have seen, first hand, the struggle, the passion, and the investment of time, talent, and money that goest into starting a business. They say that when you support a small business, an actual person does a happy dance, and it is true. So join me in shopping small this year, and we can all be the cause of loads of  happy dances this season!

There is an overwhelming number of amazing small businesses out there. If I forgot to include your favourite one (or if you want to shout out yourself in the comments!) please do. This list is by no means comprehensive, but I am including a list of gift ideas that are on my shopping wish lists  for my kids this year. I’m also including some ideas for myself and my husband as well! (Hint, hint, Jason!)

Happy shopping!

Charlotte’s Wish List (she is seven-and-a-half):

Sparkly Cat Purse (a stunning, high quality purse from one of my favourite gift shops)

Kids’ Knife Set (I got this for her last year and had to include it on the gift list this year. We LOVE it and use it all the time!)

Art set (she has specifically requested this and this one is the best I’ve found)

Retro roller skates (We got her a cheap pair a few years ago from Amazon that broke shortly thereafter. This pair could be sold on after she uses them as the quality looks incredible.)

Weaving loom  (she is very much into arts and crafts these days)

Bow and arrow set (we got a bow and arrow set for her last year which she loved, but it was fairly cheap plastic and is mostly broken now)

Filled sewing box (such a fun idea!)

Kapla Challenge game (they also sell Kapla sets which I couldn’t recommend more highly)

Gorgeous paint set (another one we already have, but the colours are so lovely and such high quality I had to include it!)

Notebooks (I wouldn’t mind these gorgeous notebooks lying around the house)

Magic wand (they make gorgeous crowns and headdresses as well!)

Pete’s Wish List (he is four-and-a-half):

Wooden cafe (he always uses his play kitchen as a cafe, so I think he would LOVE having an actual cafe to serve from!)

Pirate Ship (a non-plastic pirate ship)

weaving star (he REALLY wants to knit, so this is a good place to start)

weaving fork (same idea as above, but even more basic)

Kapla blocks (we got this for him last year, but I had to include it. Kapla is, by far, the most played with toy in our house. It is not cheap, but I promise it is worth the investment. There are smaller starter sets available as well.)

Gladiator set (this looks super cool and is a good replacement for plastic figures)

Mouse with bed (Charlotte got one of these years ago and it is still played with. There is something about it being in a box that is so appealing to kids!)

Kid-size guitar (He’s nearly to the age where he could start learning to play this properly.)

Floating ball game (a great stocking stuffer.)

Wooden diabolo (he has wanted one of these for years!)

Wooden crossbow (I got this for him last year and had to include it on the list because it is really so good. Top tip: replace the cork with pom poms and crumpled paper before you gift it!)

My Wish List:

Claire Hill Jewellery (Her cloud necklace is my favourite, but this acorn necklace is gorgeous as well. She also does amazingly well priced earrings!)

Leather leopard purse (I’ve lusted after this for years and have officially requested it from Santa this year. I’ve added a coordinating one to Charlotte’s wish list!

Handmade fan earrings (So many fun colours to choose from. I have some and wear them ALL the time.)

Weavings (these would make a really lovely, super stylish gift)

Luxury socks (a gorgeous gift and ideal if you’re not sure what to get someone)

personalised keyring (I buy these as gifts every year. They are absolutely brilliant and are amazing quality.)

Wish List for my Husband:

craft gin club (To be transparent, this company sends me one of their boxes every month, but I flipping love it! It would make such a great gift for someone who is difficult to buy for.)

The Chapar (Another great gift for a difficult-to-buy-for man in your life. My husband signed up to this on his own, and I’ve been super impressed.)

personalised keyring (I buy these as gifts every year. They are absolutely brilliant and are amazing quality.)

Rucksack (Stylish, and always useful.)

Cheese Making Kit (I got my husband a beer making kit a few years ago and that was a hit. I bet this would be too!)

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