Friends with Recipes: THE PODCAST

I have always been a fan of podcasts (read more here) so it is a total dream to finally be starting one of my own! Friends with Recipes is a podcast featuring your favourite people, and their favourite recipes. Each episode will involve me going to the home of a guest where they will cook me their favourite recipe. We’ll chat food, work, love, life, and everything in between whilst my guest cooks up anything from pancakes to pork chops to cherry pie. 

Recording begins this week (GAH!) and the podcast will officially launch in January 2019. In the meantime, I have started weekly recipe challenges over on the Friends with Recipes Instagram account. Each week will feature a new recipe challenge for you to participate in and will hopefully help inspire your meal planning as well! We started with #friendswithpasta last week and this week is #friendswithfish. To participate in a weekly challenge, simply post an image of your (on-theme) meal or recipe and use the current hashtag (always listed in the bio of the Instagram page). I will be sharing a selection of photos/recipes on the @friendswithrecipes instagram page and would love you to play along!

In addition to the guest episodes, we will also be releasing episodes that feature you, the listener. We will be sharing your favourite recipes that you send in via bethie@friendswithrecipes.org (any recipe you fancy) as well as recipes you tag on instagram (either using #friendswithrecipes or the weekly recipe challenge hashtag). The recipes most likely to be shared on Instagram will need to include clear, well-lit (natural light is best!) images, and the email recipes most likely to end up in a podcast episode will have some sort of fun, interesting, creative, or perhaps even funny story behind them. Or if you simply have banging recipe that you know everyone will love to hear about but there is no story, go ahead and send that as well! There are no firm rules here, just guidelines to help make everything run smoothly.

I am putting all my time and a ton of money into this project and am both excited and nervous to get started. Thank you for all your kind words and support as I get this big ball rolling!! I couldn’t do any of this without all of you. So thank you. xxxx

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