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Meal Plan #10

In celebration of the tenth weekly meal plan here on, I am launching a new “Friends with Recipes” series! I have lined up some of my favourite Instagrammers to share their favourite weeknight meals with you, and would LOVE to hear from the rest of you as well! Check out the “Friends with Recipes” page for more info!

I’m going for an easy week of dinners due to our impending move on Saturday (!!), so I’m taking things easy this week. I have added a yummy pre-made meal on Monday, I’m using up some freezer items on Tuesday and Thursday, and we’ll go out to dinner on Friday given that our entire house will be in boxes by then!

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Ready-made Lasagna

Teriyaki Salmon with Spinach and Avocado

Miso Soup
(that I didn’t get to last week!)

Fish and Chips
(using items from the freezer before we move!)

Out to dinner
(we move the next day!)

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