Meal Plans

Meal Plan #20

Weekly meal planner number 20

This week is the first week of solid meal planning I’ve had in weeks. I skipped last week as I was in “survival mode” dealing with massive jet lag while solo parenting for the week. (The kids are lucky they even got fed at all . . . ) Meal Plan #19 was Hungerpapa’s guest meal plan while I was away, and Meal Plan #18 was, in actuality, a mix of maybe one home cooked meal, but mostly quick or pre-made meals due to general craziness. All of that being said, I am pumped to be back in the kitchen this week!


Salmon Curry Pasta Wonderpot
(hungermama recipe)


Black Bean and Sweet Potato Taquitos
(will post recipe this week)

Falafel and Kale Tabouli
(hungermama recipe)

Pesto Pasta
(kids with a babysitter)

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