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Meal Plan #21

Week 21! Wow! If this blog were a person, and weeks were years, this blog would totally be going out tonight! I think it is time to perk things up with more “Friends with Recipes” posts! Who’s with me? If you don’t feel up to submitting both recipes AND pictures, then feel free to just send me your favourite recipe so I can photograph it and give it a try! A lot of you mentioned some fab dinners your making this week on IG last night, and I know I’m not the only one dying for the recipes! So please drop me a line:

This week is nice and slow. Jason is back from traveling after being away almost two weeks solid, so I’m feeling like I all of a sudden have all the time in the world. That being said, I’m including a few of my favourite, super quick meals this week because we are going to be spending as much time as possible in the sunshine this week and not in the kitchen!

image1 2

Roast Beef Sandwiches with Au Jus

Teryaki Salmon in Foil

Mac and Cheese Wonderpot
(Hungermama recipe)

Easy Rice and Beans with Fried Plantains

Pizza Night!

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