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Meal Plan 32

I have been looking forward to this week all summer: at the end of this week my niece, Devon, arrives from America to stay with us for three months!! We are SO excited for her to get here!

Devon grew up on an urban farm in Seattle where she and her family eat a vegetarian/pescatarian diet of seasonal, locally grown foods. They have chickens in the garden who give them lots of fresh eggs, and even have honey bees. They completely tore up their back yard and even removed their driveway to plant crops. Because most of what they need they can either grow, barter for, or fill into jars at their local food coop, they produce barely any waste in a given week.

Needless to say, I’ve been feeling a bit self-conscious about all of the out-of-season foods we eat on a regular basis, and also feeling quite guilty about all of the packaging that comes surrounding the foods we eat. I am hoping that having Devon here will help us to make more of a habit of hitting the farmer’s market on the weekend, or at least buying fruit and veg at our (amazing) local organic green grocer instead of buying it covered in packaging from Ocado.

I am sure Devon will have some fun tips to share with you about eating locally and growing your own fruit and veg. She is also a great cook, so it is likely she’ll have a few recipes to share as well!

Mushroom and Courgette Hungerpot
(Hungermama recipe)

Homemade Fish Fingers and Sweet Potato Chips
(I’ll post this recipe if it turns out!)


Jason Cooks

Teriyaki Salmon with Spinach and Avocado
(This was SO delicious last week, that we all wanted it again this week!)

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