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Meal Plan 34


Look at me catching up with the blog! Whoop!

We have eight people staying at our house at the moment. In addition to our own four-person family we have my niece who has moved in with us for three months, my friend Kate and her baby girl, and her nanny. It has been busy (and SUPER fun!!) around here! In true Hungermama form, I have meal planned for the entire week and included meals that are both easy to prepare, and hearty enough to feed a crowd. I’ve simplified things even further by sticking to recipes I know and love. <3 (The recipe for the lettuce wraps are coming later this week!)

Brown Rice and Quinoa Enchilada Bake
(Hungermama recipe)

Lettuce Wraps

Asparagus and Pea Quiche with Smoked Cheese
(Hungermama recipe featured on Ladyland!)

Lentil Soup
(Hungermama recipe)

Hawaiian BBQ Salmon Burgers
(Hungermama recipe)

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