Meal Plans

Meal Plan #41

There is so much going on these days. First I have to tell you that the march was incredible! My epic friend Tetyana, my niece, and two other awesome ladies stuck together through the many hours of walking and standing in the cold, but we eventually made it to Trafalgar Square where the buzz was amazing. I am hanging the sign I carried (Pro-love: no exceptions) in my daughter’s room so she will see it on a regular basis and think about what it means and why it was made.

In other news, my son turns three tomorrow! It seems like it was just yesterday he so magically came into our lives. (You can read his birth story here.) We’ll fill his room with balloons tonight while he sleeps and fill him with waffles in the morning. I can’t wait!!

Tuna Melts
(we didn’t get to these last week AGAIN)

Out to dinner for Peter’s birthday!

Salmon with pesto and couscous

Risotto with shrimp and peas
(a recipe I’m adapting from this* cookbook Charlotte got for Christmas)


*not an affiliate link

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