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Meal Plan #57

Anyone else feel like time is speeding up? Perhaps it is because we have a lot coming up on our social calendar, or maybe it is because spring is in the air? I’m not sure, but I definitely have the sense that time is flying by!

This week is a full one with some fun events, lots of rehearsals, a photoshoot, and a Wilford Social gig, before ending the week in Brighton seeing friends. We’ll be keeping things pretty simple (as usual), but I am particularly excited to try out a spice kit I was sent from a local company called Mister Paste. The sauce is for rogan josh which is typically made with lamb, but I stressed myself out thinking of cooking lamb (sweet baby angels) and decided to go with cauliflower and squash instead. 😀

Vegetarian Rogan Josh

Pasta Primavera Hungerpot

White Fish with Fennel and Potatoes
(Our au pair’s recipe. We didn’t get to this last week.)

Herb and Parmesan Salmon with Israeli Couscous
(anyone have a yummy/simple recipe for the couscous?)

Headed out of town!

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