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Meal Plan #58

We’ve just spent the loveliest weekend with friends in Brighton. Since we were with fellow food lovers, we spent a lot of time eating yummy donuts, looking through cookbooks, picnicking, and drinking amazing cocktails (I had one that was a turmeric chai number with cardamom gin. SO. GOOD.) I hope you’re doing something fun this long weekend as well!

It is half term this week which means we’ll have more time for cooking in general (and perhaps sneak in pizza at the park one night?) so I’ve made sure that at least one meal can be shelved for another week.

PS: Thanks for all the Israeli couscous suggestions from last week’s post! I ended up sautéing it in olive oil before cooking it up with chicken stock. I then added a bit of parmesan cheese and herbs and it was delicious!!

Vegetarian Rogan Josh
(didn’t get to this last week)

Meat and Veg Sloppy Joes
(I hope this works and is yummy!!)

Italian Hungerpot

Falafel with Kale Tabouli 

Fish and Chips

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