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Meal Plan #59

Last week was half-term and our meal plan more or less went out the window. One day we had a playdate (and I always try to offer something simple and unchallenging for other kids), and there were two meals that I failed to get the main ingredients for! (Gah!) Luckily we were able to pull some impromptu meals together (not my forte) and we ended up ordering a pizza on Friday night. That being said, this week will basically be a repeat of last week. I debated posting this, but as this blog is really just a record of what we eat, I thought it would be helpful to share how sometimes things don’t happen as planned. Such is life, eh? We just adjust and keep going.

Our lovely au pair, Elisabeth, went home to Germany last week and brought us back some white asparagus which I am very excited about for this week! She is going to prepare it with potatoes, hollandaise sauce, and ham. I can’t wait!

German White Asparagus with Potatoes and Ham

Meat and Veg Sloppy Joes

Vegetarian Rogan Josh

Falafel with Kale Tabouli 

Homemade Pizza

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