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Meal Plan #62

I found out at the end of last week that a very close friend of mine in high school died unexpectedly. His heart failed failed while he was camping alone. I had been thinking of him a lot recently because I just wrote a song about him with my band. I had pulled out a bunch of pictures of him while we were writing it to use as inspiration and meant to send some of them to him but didn’t get to it in time.

We had so many fun adventures together and he always knew how to make me laugh. I am still fighting back tears every time I think of him and the son he left behind. It is yet another reminder of how short life can be. We seem to have too many of those these days. Anyway, I hope you’ll indulge me in posting a few photos of him from high school after this week’s meal plan.

Spanish Tapas
(all purchased pre-made: tortilla, cheese, meat, olives, salad, etc.)

Potato Leek Soup

Lentil Picadillo
(a new recipe that I’m not sure about . . . hope it’s good!)

Pesto Salmon with Potatoes and Broccoli
(just spoon pesto on the salmon before cooking)

Homemade Pizza

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Sleep well, Matt. You are missed. xo

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