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Meal Plan #64

Exciting news for this week: I am organising a raffle to help boost donations for my Little Princess Trust fundraiser! We already have some amazing prizes on offer. You can check them out (and enter the raffle!!) by clicking here.

This week is Charlotte’s last week of year one! That sure flew by! We are celebrating her last day of school with friends arriving for a week from America! Four extra people in our house will certainly be cosy, but we all can’t wait to see them. Their kids are apparently on the picky side, so we are playing it safe with pasta and pizza when they arrive. The following week I’ll be trying to balance foods they will eat with foods I want to feed my family, so wish me luck! (I really want to avoid making separate meals, so any tips are appreciated!)

Mac and Cheese Hungerpot
(Perfect for Charlotte’s playdate today!)

Aubergine Parmigiana
(I love Jamie Oliver’s recipe for this.)

Veg Bowl with Miso Avocado Dressing

Pasta with Meatballs

Homemade Pizza

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