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Meal Plan #71

I’ve been looking forward to this week for quite a long time and it has finally arrived! At the end of this week I will be headed on a girls’ weekend with some of my most favourite IG ladies in Devon, then, after one night at home, I’m headed to Seattle!

I was meant to be going on a road trip in a motor home down the California coast with my mom and Aunt Tina, but sadly it isn’t going to happen now. My Aunt Tina is on hospice care after a long battle with breast cancer and simply won’t be well enough to go. Instead we will be spending a lot of time snuggling, watching films, reading books, and anything else Tina wants to do while I’m there. I’m planning to sleep alongside her, cook meals, run errands, clean the house, and generally do anything I can to help.

Also, I came up with an idea of accommodating our veggie au pair while still getting to make some of the meals we all love (cough chicken soup with rice cough). I came up with the completely obvious idea (duh) of simply making more of one of the veggie meals each week so that she can have leftovers on a day we have something with meat or fish. Not sure why that didn’t occur to me earlier! I’m blaming a general lack of sleep.

Falafel from a Box
(served with sauces, gherkins, and lots of veg to shove in the pita)

Red Lentil Dahl

Pesto Pasta Hungerpot

Creamy Chicken Soup with Rice
(we could totally eat this every week!!)


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