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Meal Plan #73

This week we have Jason’s mom and step-dad visiting from California. While they are not opposed to trying new and different foods, they are generally pretty meat and potatoes type eaters. Hosting them for a week-and-a-half of mostly vegetarian eating had me a bit nervous to be honest. This week’s meal plan needed to cater to my in-laws and our vegetarian au pair, and also be family friendly and still appealing to Jason and me.

Not one to make multiple meals, I decided to choose some of my heartiest (and yummiest) vegetarian meals. I am also planning to cook up some chicken to serve with the peanut sauce dish as that is an easy addition. So far (I’m posting this on a Wednesday) everyone seems happy with our meals . . . but I do wonder if anyone (other than the kids) would say something if they weren’t happy! Ha!

Lentil Soup
(this is SO yummy!!)

Baked Gnocchi 
(using prepared sauce because of time constraints)

Lentils and Veg in Peanut Sauce

Falafel with Kale Tabouli

(I’m still working on perfecting my sauce and will post it soon . . .)

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