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Meal Plan #74

After a week of mostly vegetarian meals around our dinner table, my husband’s mum and step-dad have decided to cut more meat out of their diets and eat more vegetarian foods! I definitely wasn’t expecting that, but they are now back home and are printing recipes out from the blog to make at home. I was just hoping that they wouldn’t hate what I was feeding them, and certainly wasn’t expecting them to change their eating habits because of it, especially given that Jason’s stepdad is a real “meat and potatoes” type guy. I am SO pleased and definitely encouraged by their response to my food!

We are not vegetarians (though our au pair is . . . ) but we do eat mostly vegetarian meals. We’ll do some fish and/or meat once or twice a week (usually on the weekends when Jason is cooking) but that seems to be opposite of what most families do. I think it has a lot to do with these meat-eating families not knowing good, hearty, vegetarian recipes to cook! If Jason’s step-dad can be converted to eating more vegetarian meals, I am convinced anyone can be! (That being said, we had meatball sandwiches last night and, OMG, they were SO yummy!! I’ll post the recipe soon!)

Gruyere Mac and Cheese 
(This is my “from scratch” version of mac and cheese, but honestly it is just as good as my easy hungerpot mac and cheese so I think I’ll retire this old version from my repertoire!)

Meatball Sandwiches
(recipe coming soon!)

Potato Leek Soup

Indian Squash Curry


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