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Meal Plan #79

I decided last week to cut out alcohol and sugar for the remainder of January. I did lots of over indulging in December and cutting back this month has been a challenge, but it feels good to be doing it!

The alcohol has been more difficult than the sweets I have to say. Mostly, I am missing my glass of wine in the evenings. There is really no decent replacement for that. I have been drinking sparkling water with a splash of juice in it instead. While it tastes nice enough (and is keeping me hydrated!), I definitely prefer a big, fruity glass of red wine on a rainy evening.

Cutting out sweets has been a bit easier as I have a decent solution for my cravings: sugar-free peppermint gum. Peppermint is an appetite suppressant so it helps take away my desire to eat more. Also, similar to eating right after you’ve brushed your teeth, it just isn’t pleasant to eat something else when you have a strong mint taste in your mouth. Peppermint tea is also quite nice, but for me the actual chewing makes the gum more satisfying.

In other news, my Hungermama Meal Planning group on Facebook has over 800 members! Wahoo! It is a closed Facebook group where we share recipes, meal plans, etc. and have regular discussions on everything from kitchen tools, to picky eaters, to gleaning. I would LOVE to have you join in! Some of the recipes I’m trying this week are ones that have been recommended in the group and I’ll link to them in a post today where we can also all share our meal plans for the week. 😀

Mushroom Bourguignon

Baked Ravioli Alfredo

Indian Squash Curry
Peter’s request for the week)

Teriyaki Salmon with Spinach and Avocado
(Charlotte’s request for the week)


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