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Meal Plan #80

Meal Planning Challenge!!

I am challenging you all to meal plan for the entire month of February. Whether that is planning for all seven days each week, or simply two or three days per week, it is up to you; I just want you to commit to doing it! Meal planning will help you and your family eat better foods, eat out less (saving you money!), and helps make evenings less stressful. I have been a weekly meal planner for the last five years, and I am convinced that once you try it, you’ll love it.♡

Need some inspiration?

If you are joining in, please use the hashtag #hungermama_challenge or simply share your meal plans in the (closed) Facebook group so we can all follow along!

Indian Feast via Spice Tailor
(gifted, not sponsored)

Cheesy Broccoli Jacket Potatoes

Minestrone Soup
(I’m attempting this in the slow cooker and will share the recipe if it turns out!)

Traditional Kurdish meal cooked by our lovely au pair


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