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Meal Plan #87

The kids are back in school today! Hurray! I am so excited to jump into autumn! As I mentioned on instagram this morning, I am directing my focus on my new podcast (yay!) and drafting an outline for a book on picky eaters. It will be based on this post that I wrote a few years ago that remains one of my most popular posts. I have so much more to say on the subject and considered writing more about it on the blog, before realising that it would be best suited in book form!

This week is our last before our new au pair arrives from Germany. So we are mostly back to our regular schedule, but not quite . . . I am also singing out of town one day this week, so that throws a bit of a spanner (wrench) into things as well. I’ll be making the sloppy joes and roasting the sweet potatoes in advance to make sure dinner times runs smoothly.

PS: I am firing up my meal planning Facebook page after a bit of a break! Share your meal plans/recipes/tips and ask for advice in return. You all make such a great resource!

Chicken Soup with Rice
(a favourite to celebrate the first day of school!)

Pasta with courgette and peas
(I was gifted some gorgeous looking pasta and sauce from Mamaflora
who makes her products on the Amalfi Coast! I can’t wait to try it!)

Meat and Veg Sloppy Joes

Salmon with Roasted Sweet Potato and Spinach
(One of my favourite meals. The only seasoning is salt and a bit of oil to cook
the salmon as the flavours are all so good on their own!)


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