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Meal Plan #88

I’ve been looking forward to this day for months now! Today is our first day with our new au pair! What an enormous relief! I have loved getting to spend so much time with my babies this summer, but I am so very ready to fully jump into this autumn’s projects. 

I thought I would try to impress our new au pair with some yummy meals this week, but as it turns out, this week is pretty busy for us in the evenings and she’ll be on duty for two nights this week. I decided to go for some easy meals for her nights in charge (though apparently she does like to cook!) and I’ll make some of our favourites for the other meals. 

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Chicken Soup with Dumplings
(This was one of my first recipes on the blog and needs new pics, but the recipe is still good!)

Prepared Pies
(I wanted something super straight forward for the au pair’s first dinner on her own with the kids!)

Greek Hungerpot
(I love this one.)

Baked Gnocchi
(My friend Nomi’s recipe is linked above, but I am using prepared sauce as I will be short on time that night!)


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