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Meal Plan #90

I could quite easily be a vegetarian. Veganism has always seemed a bit too fussy for my taste, but it is something I could also get behind if pressed on the subject (this is, of course, presuming that both of these options would make an exception for bacon). But as someone who can’t digest either soy or dairy products and gets quite gaseous from too many legumes, my protein options would be severely limited if I cut out all animal products. 

With all of this in mind, Charlotte requested meat for dinner every evening last week. Perhaps it is her body craving it (though she gets plenty of meat in her school lunches) or perhaps she is just likes eating it, but either way I am indulging her request this week with two meat dishes instead of one.

Sheet Pan Steak and Veg

Mac & Cheese Hungerpot
(I’ll prep this so our au pair only needs to heat and stir as it cooks!)

Chicken Pot Pie in the Slow Cooker
(I didn’t end up making the chicken-less version the other week,
so I’ve decided to amend the plan for this week.)

Potato Leek Soup


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