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Milk Punch and Hot Toddies

[With the exception of sausage bread, holiday food and drink  is 100% up to my husband, Jason. He sweetly agreed to write this post on our favourite festive drinks and I not-so-sweetly didn’t get around to posting it! So, here it is now. Better late than never I hope!]

With so few drinking days available in the run-up to Christmas, we at Hungermama HQ take our holiday tipple seriously. Having a couple of bottles of champagne in the fridge is for beginners:  here’s what warms our nights (and mornings, ahem) as we wait for the big day.

Milk Punch:


Milk punch is a tradition from my late beloved stepmother’s family, readily adopted and proudly carried on each year by Hungermama and me.

Under the theory that the usual rules don’t apply on Christmas, we have this alongside the morning coffee, before breakfast. Most any day between Thanksgiving and New Year’s that doesn’t require complete sobriety is fair game for a blenderful of cheer.

ingredients for two:
-355 ml milk (1 1/2 cup)
-120 ml whiskey (1/2 cup)
(Any whiskey will do, but we ordinarily use bourbon or Jack Daniels.)
-25 g granulated sugar (1/8 cup)
-one ice cube

-blend the first four ingredients until frothy
-top with freshly grated nutmeg

We also make an alcohol-free version for the kids by swapping out the whiskey for a drop of almond or vanilla extract.

Hot Toddy:


Now, I don’t really think there is a standardised “hot toddy” as there is a standard Old Fashioned or Manhattan, but there’s a standard in our house:

ingredients for two:
-120 ml whisky (1/2 cups) (we prefer scotch, but any favourite will do)
-10 g brown sugar (about two teaspoons)
-hot water
-two slices of lemon
-whole cloves

-prepare the lemon by piercing each segment with a whole clove
-combine half of the whisky with one teaspoon of the sugar in each of two coffee mugs
-fill each cup with hot water and stir to dissolve the sugar
-place clove-spiked lemon in the mug

I am a firm believer in the hot toddy’s medicinal magic, and one must adjust the proportions of whisky to water to sugar to your taste and to what ails you.  Whether it’s your spirit or your body that needs comforting, one (or two!) of these will do the trick.

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