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Friends with Recipes: THE PODCAST

I have always been a fan of podcasts (read more here) so it is a total dream to finally be starting one of my own! Friends with Recipes is a podcast featuring your favourite people, and their favourite recipes. Each episode will involve me going to the home of a guest where they will cook me their favourite recipe. We’ll chat food, work, love, life, and everything in between whilst my guest cooks up anything from pancakes to pork chops to cherry pie.  Continue Reading…


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A quick bio:

I am from a small farming town north of Seattle. I grew up singing and acting and always knew I would be a performer. I had a vibrant
singing career in the DC area for eight years (I specialise in early music), but now that we’ve moved across the pond, I can’t seem to get my foot in the door which leaves me feeling pretty lost. That being said, I have an amazingly supportive husband, two truly spectacular kids, and a positive attitude that helps me to see the beauty and potential in the every day. Oh, and I like to cook. 😉