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Vegetarian Meals

Potato and Cauliflower Chowder

Having grown up in the Pacific Northwest, clam chowder was inevitably a part of my childhood. The hot, salty broth, the soft, milky potatoes, and the chewy clams were heaven in a bread bowl. This vegetarian chowder has all the comforting goodness of the clam chowder of my youth, but it is quick and easy and also delivers a hefty dose of veg. That makes for a winning recipe in my book.

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Non - Vegetarian Meals

The White Dinner

The White Dinner – by Kate Davies

We all know them: the Picky Eaters, kids who only eat white foods. I’ve often told my kids that I will never force-feed them anything weird or gross, so if I put it on the table the odds are good that the food is both edible and nutritious. Somehow, even when faced with such wisdom, I get complaints.

We are quite lucky, as our dinners can literally be quite colorful (see Lettuce Wraps). One evening I served a meal everyone loved, and after we tucked in we realized that I had inadvertently served every kid’s dream dinner: all white. Here it is, I hope your kids like it as much as mine do!
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