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Drinks and Puddings

Milk Punch and Hot Toddies

[With the exception of sausage bread, holiday food and drink  is 100% up to my husband, Jason. He sweetly agreed to write this post on our favourite festive drinks and I not-so-sweetly didn’t get around to posting it! So, here it is now. Better late than never I hope!]

With so few drinking days available in the run-up to Christmas, we at Hungermama HQ take our holiday tipple seriously. Having a couple of bottles of champagne in the fridge is for beginners:  here’s what warms our nights (and mornings, ahem) as we wait for the big day.

Milk Punch:


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Non - Vegetarian Meals

Barb’s Famous Sausage Bread

When I was three-years-old, a new family moved into the house right next to ours. As luck would have it they went to the same church as us, had their kids enrolled in the same parochial school that my siblings attended, and best of all, they had a daughter my age! But that was just the tip of the iceberg: they also happened to be the most wonderful, fun, welcoming family I’ve ever met. It didn’t take long for me to invite myself to be their fourth child.

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Meal Plans

Weekly Meal Plan #Christmas

IMG_8645.JPGChristmas in the Hungerford household is mostly about food. Jason and the kids spend every weekend during Advent baking a variety of Christmas cookies (which are frozen and then all pulled out on Christmas Eve!), we have a variety of Christmassy drinks we indulge in as well (milk punch is always a favourite!), and sausage bread is a must-have. Then I can’t overlook the fact that we Hungerfords make a darn good turkey (top tip: it’s all about the butter!).

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