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Chatter: 5 Tips for Getting Your Kids to Try New Foods

Hello from Colorado! This is our last stop on the Hungerford Family Tour before we head back to London. It has been a long time away, but we are still very much enjoying the remainder of the trip. 

A few months ago I had the opportunity to chat with today’s contributor at a Mother’s Meeting. I invited her to share some of her expertise with us on the blog and she sent over some fab tips for getting your kids to try new foods this summer! 

Thanks, Fran! 



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Chatter: Going with my Gut: why I post pictures of my kids online

I joined Instagram in 2010, right after my first child was born. I posted a few photos here and there, but it wasn’t until 2012 that I became a regular user. We had just moved to a new neighbourhood here in London, and I didn’t know anyone. After a few lonely months, I figured out that I could connect with local mums by following them on Instagram. I could see which mums frequented my local parks and check out their profiles to see if we had much in common. I connected with mums all over the world, and we bonded over our similar interests or having kids of similar ages. All of a sudden, I went from feeling completely isolated to having an entire community of mums at my fingertips: it was truly life-changing.

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Chatter: Eating with Kids on Holiday

Before kids, Jason and I did quite a bit of traveling. We vacationed everywhere from Costa Rica to West Virginia, and always made a point of trying interesting local cuisines, shopping at local grocery stores, and seeking out restaurants where the locals eat. Since having kids, we really haven’t had to adjust how we travel much at all, as we’ve found that this suits the kids quite nicely.


Amsterdam 2014

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