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Meal Plans

Meal Plan #80

Meal Planning Challenge!!

I am challenging you all to meal plan for the entire month of February. Whether that is planning for all seven days each week, or simply two or three days per week, it is up to you; I just want you to commit to doing it! Meal planning will help you and your family eat better foods, eat out less (saving you money!), and helps make evenings less stressful. I have been a weekly meal planner for the last five years, and I am convinced that once you try it, you’ll love it.♡ Continue Reading…

Meal Plans

Meal Plan #79

I decided last week to cut out alcohol and sugar for the remainder of January. I did lots of over indulging in December and cutting back this month has been a challenge, but it feels good to be doing it!

The alcohol has been more difficult than the sweets I have to say. Mostly, I am missing my glass of wine in the evenings. There is really no decent replacement for that. I have been drinking sparkling water with a splash of juice in it instead. While it tastes nice enough (and is keeping me hydrated!), I definitely prefer a big, fruity glass of red wine on a rainy evening. Continue Reading…

Meal Plans

Meal Plan #78

[Thank you to all of you who participated in my survey! The feedback is so very helpful and I will be using it as I make plans for the blog in 2018!]

Our guests have gone, as are nearly all the mince pies: that must mean that Christmas 2017 is slowly coming to a close. We still have our Christmas decorations up, but they’ll come down this weekend. In the meantime, I am trying to get back into a groove and am working on a general list of goals for 2018. I am not one for New Year’s resolutions, but I am definitely one for flushing out and listing goals in general. Here is what I have so far: Continue Reading…

Meal Plans

Meal Plan #77

Last week changed my life:  I popped in to see a friend’s pop-up shop and ended up staying to help for the entire week she was running it. As someone who has really struggled with loneliness, it was an absolute revelation to be around people all day. Even though I didn’t know most of the shoppers coming through the doors, it was incredibly life-giving to be surrounded by lovely, chatty women. I left each day feeling inspired, energised, and not at all lonely. After years of spending the majority of my time working behind my own laptop by myself, it reminded me how much I crave the company of other people. Being social really is my default.  Continue Reading…

Meal Plans

Meal Plan #76

The Advent calendar is loaded, the Christmas tree is up and decorated, the festive drinks are flowing, and the Christmas cookie recipe blog posts are imminent. My jeans still don’t fit since my trip to America in October, and there is no chance I’ll fit back into them this month. Not with all the baking my husband is doing, and all the drinking I’m doing. (See also: sausage bread) That being said, we still started the week with one of my healthier recipes. (But don’t worry. We’ll still finish the week with pizza! Ha!) Continue Reading…

Meal Plans

Meal Plan #75

This week I turn thirty-seven-years-old. I have always looked forward to getting older, so I’m quite pleased to be so close to forty! Funny though, no matter how old I get, I still feel like an imposter adult pretending to be old enough to have kids and live in my own house . . . Continue Reading…

Meal Plans

Meal Plan #74

After a week of mostly vegetarian meals around our dinner table, my husband’s mum and step-dad have decided to cut more meat out of their diets and eat more vegetarian foods! I definitely wasn’t expecting that, but they are now back home and are printing recipes out from the blog to make at home. I was just hoping that they wouldn’t hate what I was feeding them, and certainly wasn’t expecting them to change their eating habits because of it, especially given that Jason’s stepdad is a real “meat and potatoes” type guy. I am SO pleased and definitely encouraged by their response to my food! Continue Reading…

Meal Plans

Meal Plan #73

This week we have Jason’s mom and step-dad visiting from California. While they are not opposed to trying new and different foods, they are generally pretty meat and potatoes type eaters. Hosting them for a week-and-a-half of mostly vegetarian eating had me a bit nervous to be honest. This week’s meal plan needed to cater to my in-laws and our vegetarian au pair, and also be family friendly and still appealing to Jason and me.

Continue Reading…

Meal Plans

Meal Plan #72


If you follow me on Instagram, you will know that there has been a lot going on that hasn’t made it to these blog pages. Namely, my dear Aunt Tina died of breast cancer. She was only 47. Tina moved to my hometown when I was little and she ended up being more like a big sister than an aunt. She was always around and most definitely around when I needed someone other than my mom to talk to. I so desperately want the chance to get some last bits of advice from her, but by the time I got to Seattle from London, her mind had already slipped from what it once was. While she recognised who I was and was able to call me by name, she was not able to have any sort of conversation. Her body and mind were already shutting down. Continue Reading…