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Non - Vegetarian Meals

Creamy White Beans with Prosciutto and Fresh Herbs

Yesterday while staring at the contents of the pantry, I noticed a lovely bag of heirloom white beans that I’d been saving for some unspecified day in the future. No time like the present, right? (I have lots of nice things on my shelves that always seem better left for later.) Slow-cooked with prosciutto ends, herbs from the yard, a few aromatic vegetables, and my beloved chicken stock, heirloom beans made a comforting supper, with enough leftovers to stock the freezer.

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Non - Vegetarian Meals

One-Pot Chili Pasta

Happy Wednesday! We are currently in the middle of our second week of half term (last week was one kid, and this week is the other) so things have been a bit crazy. The good news is that we have had warmer weather this week than we have had in ages! We’ve been skipping our jackets, wearing shoes without socks, and playing in the park. It has been brilliant!

Despite the warmer weather, we’re still not quite out of the winter woods and it is still nice to settle in to a cosy dinner in the evenings. This recipe is perfect for that!

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Vegetarian Meals

Mac & Cheese Hungerpot

As soon as I started making wonderpots, I knew I needed to find a mac & cheese recipe, but everything I came across wasn’t quite what I was looking for. After reading loads of different recipes, I came up this version and am thrilled to say that it was a delicious success! There are a few small extra steps (one of which is optional . . . ) that might technically disqualify this as a wonderpot, but I won’t tell if you won’t. 😉

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Meal Plans

Weekly Meal Plan #4

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You know what they call Thanksgiving in the UK? Thursday. There’s no day off, no turkey, no parades . . .  just the day before Friday. It can be a difficult day for Americans abroad. That being said, we are hosting our fifth Thanksgiving here in London on Saturday with friends and neighbours; it always ends up being one of the best days of the year. I will be sure to put up a post with pictures of what we make and eat!

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