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Vegetarian Meals

Friends with Recipes: Pea, Feta, Mint & Spring Onion Frittata

The kids and I are finally coming out of our jet lag haze. We are staying in a charming little cabin on a lake (that belongs to my friend Kate‘s family) that is so peaceful and lovely, but has no wifi so I’m currently woefully behind on Family Feast’s takeover! The good news is that we are having a great time in the beautiful northwest and have been seeing a lot of my family. Last night I made my quinoa enchilada bake for my meat eating dad and my picky eating (but lovely 🙂 ) mama and they loved it! My dad said he didn’t even miss the meat. Success! Anyway, back to Dani and this gorgeous looking frittata! 

Bethie x


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Non - Vegetarian Meals

Garlicky Chicken and Rice

My superstar husband not only held down the fort while I was away, but he also managed to cook (and photograph) some delicious dinners! This chicken and rice dish is one of our favourite dishes that he makes: it is quick, easy, and uses very few ingredients which is always helpful!

With that, I’ll hand things over to Hungerpapa. (Sorry if that name is super duper cutesy, but it simply can’t be avoided.)

Bethie xx


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Fish / Seafood Meals

Lenten Creamed Tuna Over Toast

(Apologies for the silence over the last week. Half term with limited childcare, a husband out of town, and house guests didn’t leave me much time to blog! So don’t mind me as I try to catch up a bit this weekend!)


Creamed tuna over toast is a meal that my mom would often make on Fridays during lent. It is meant to be a very simple, meat-free meal, but it is actually surprisingly tasty! Not tasty like a lasagne, but certainly tastier than it looks! It also takes all of ten minutes to make with items from your pantry, which is nice.

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