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Friends with Recipes: THE PODCAST

I have always been a fan of podcasts (read more here) so it is a total dream to finally be starting one of my own! Friends with Recipes is a podcast featuring your favourite people, and their favourite recipes. Each episode will involve me going to the home of a guest where they will cook me their favourite recipe. We’ll chat food, work, love, life, and everything in between whilst my guest cooks up anything from pancakes to pork chops to cherry pie.  Continue Reading…


Chatter: Podcasts

Growing up in a small farming town north of Seattle, I was only sometimes able to tune into NPR (National Public Radio). When I could, I was fascinated by the news, programs and stories. They always left me wanting more. When I finally moved to the big city (Seattle) in 1999, I binged on NPR. I couldn’t get enough! It was quite a few years before I was able to access podcasts off air, so until then I made sure to tune into my radio whenever my favourite shows were on (gosh, I sound so old fashioned! Ha!). I would time any car trips I had to take to coincide with my favourite shows, and would always curse my luck when I had to miss the beginning or end of a good show.

Eighteen years later I am still  fan, but I now take full advantage of the fact that I can listen to my favourite podcasts on demand. I listen to them when I jog, when I clean, when I’m in the bath, when I’m on my bike or the tube or a bus . . . I listen to them constantly. A good podcast can turn a crappy task or long commute into something that I actually look forward to.

Here are my top five podcasts. I do go through phases of listening to others as well, but these are the podcasts I return to time after time. Continue Reading…