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Vegetarian Meals

Sweet Potato Slow Cooker Chili

When Charlotte (my eldest) was nearly three, she moved from a daycare to a nursery school. My schedule then went from three full days of childcare per week, to five partial days (12-3pm). Given that it took nearly an hour to get her to school by bus, and another hour to get home by bus, I was left with about an hour of childfree time every day. In addition to the crazy schedule, I was pregnant with my son and feeling absolutely knackered all the time. In order to save my sanity, we eventually moved across the street from my daughter’s school, but before that happened, we spent about four months with this bonkers schedule. The only way I could get dinner on the table was for us to live off of slow cooker meals.

Not being big meat eaters, I found it tricky to find meat-free slow cooker meals that weren’t just combinations of tinned ingredients. (This recipe still calls for tinned ingredients, but far fewer than many other recipes I found!) I tried all sorts of recipes and this sweet potato chili was definitely a favourite. (These Korean beef tacos are a favourite as well, but are much more involved!) This recipe is also great because you can dress it up with lots of fun accoutrement such as sliced radishes and tortilla chips. It is also excellent with some hot cornbread! Continue Reading…

Meal Plans

Meal Plan #17

Holy Week can be a bit crazy for church musicians. Thursday is a particularly busy day, so I will be preparing a casserole for the babysitter to pop in the oven. Hopefully there will be enough for both Jason and me to have leftovers when we get home! I’ll also finally be getting to that pea carbonara this week that I’ve been intending to re-try for ages. Fingers crossed I can get it to turn out better this time than last time (when it was FAR too creamy!).

PS: I would love to have your love over on my Facebook page. It would be so fun to turn it into a spot where we can all chat about recipes, ingredients, cooking for families, etc! You can join the group by clicking here.

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Meal Plans

Meal Plan #16

A few weeks ago I figured out how to make a mac & cheese wonderpot and I have been so excited to share it with you! The kids absolutely loved it, and I have to admit I was quite pleased to have figured out a quick and easy version of this old favourite. I will hopefully get the recipe up for tomorrow morning!


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Vegetarian Meals

Slow Cooker Black Bean (and veg!) Soup

I love a good soup to warm me up on a cold night. Bonus if it is pre-made and ready to go in the slow cooker at dinner time. Double bonus if it is black bean soup! My inspiration recipe wasn’t super kid friendly (too many jalapeños), and once I took out the spice, it didn’t leave it with much flavour. A few strategically places spices later, and we had a winner! Here’s how it all went down:

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Meal Plans

Meal Plan #8

I am SO excited for this week’s vegetarian chili! It is slow cooker food at its best. We’re also throwing in a meal out this week to celebrate Jason FINALLY returning from a work trip to China! We’ll probably hit one of our favourite local spots as we’ll be moving to a new neighbourhood in just a few weeks! (sniff sniff)

I’d love to know what’s on your menu this week! I especially have my eye out for new slow cooker recipes!

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