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Vegetarian Meals

Delicata Squash with Blue Cheese and Shallots

By: Kate Davies

I must confess, squash can be challenging for me. It’s hard to get very worked up about a nice squash dinner. This recipe for roasted Delicata (oblong, yellow and orange with greenish stripes) came from Julian years ago, served as a side to some grilled meat when he was wooing me with his cooking skills. I’ve tweaked it over the years, and it has taken the place of meat or fish on our dinner plate on quiet nights like this one when a low-key dinner is just the ticket. The shallots and blue cheese (helped along by a few sprigs of thyme) bring big, savory flavor to the mellow, roasted, caramelly Delicata.

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Vegetarian Meals

Squash Caponata

I have been obsessed with the idea of a “one pot wonder” for many years. A few years back when I worked for my friends at Babyccino Kids, I was thrilled to get the opportunity to request a “one pot wonder” from the amazing recipe developers over at Abel and Cole! The result was this absolutely delicious Squash Caponata that the lovely Esther and I got to film at the Able and Cole test kitchen in London.

(Let me just throw out into the universe for a moment that a cooking show would be an absolute DREAM of mine!! Gah!!)

This recipe cooks quite a bit longer than my usual hungerpot (30-40 minutes), but the result is worth it! This is a perfect, easy recipe for autumn.

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Non - Vegetarian Meals

Friends with Recipes: Indian Squash Curry

I have known Kim since our kids started at the same school together in 2013. She is perhaps the most genuinely happy person I’ve ever met: her personality is contagiously bubbly and she is inspiringly optimistic. Honestly, I can’t say enough good things about Kim, but this could get long . . . instead, you can see for yourselves how her creativity and genuine love of life shine through via her business called Bumble Box. These “family time kits” are meant to get families moving, learning, and crafting together. Each box is so well though out and creative and perfect for families who want to add some fun and variety to their play together! (It is also great for grandparents, babysitters, and holidays!) Kim has shared some lovely thoughts about cooking for her family, as well as one of their favourite weeknight meals below!


Bethie xx

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