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Drinks and Puddings

Spritz for a Crowd

By Kate Davies

It may only be Wednesday, but that doesn’t mean we can’t already be thinking about Friday! This is also a great recipe to stick in your pocket for Valentine’s Day. <3

Meet the Spritz, a festive, quaffable winner of a cocktail that is the essence of easygoing and stylish. In Italy, the Spritz has seen a surge in popularity during the last decade, and it’s catching on among cocktail lovers everywhere. Low in alcohol, refreshing and colorful, the Spritz is a basic combination of ingredients that lends itself to exploration and experimentation. Aperitivo (plural Aperitivi) and Amaro (Amari) are two of the terms used to describe the many bittersweet liqueurs that form the foundation of Spritz, along with fizz and a bit of citrus.

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Drinks and Puddings

Milk Punch and Hot Toddies

[With the exception of sausage bread, holiday food and drink  is 100% up to my husband, Jason. He sweetly agreed to write this post on our favourite festive drinks and I not-so-sweetly didn’t get around to posting it! So, here it is now. Better late than never I hope!]

With so few drinking days available in the run-up to Christmas, we at Hungermama HQ take our holiday tipple seriously. Having a couple of bottles of champagne in the fridge is for beginners:  here’s what warms our nights (and mornings, ahem) as we wait for the big day.

Milk Punch:


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