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Vegetarian Meals

Pan Con Tomate, or Spanish Tomato Bread

After strolling through the countryside in the summer heat, take a moment to sit outside of a quiet village bar and enjoy a bit of this magical Pan con Tomate, or Tomato Bread. If you don’t have any Spanish villages nearby, no te preocupes. All you need is a grill, a baguette, some fruity olive oil, a clove or two of raw garlic, and some juicy garden tomatoes.

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Vegetarian Meals

Friends with Recipes: Baked Gnocchi

I met my friend Nomi on Instagram three or so years ago. I have no idea how we found each other, but we became immediate friends and have enjoyed getting to know each other both online and in person. (In fact, she arrives  with her daughter later today to stay with us in London for a few nights! I can’t wait!). Nomi’s Instagram account is full of unbelievably lovely pictures of her outings with her beautiful family, yummy food, and creative projects. Definitely worth checking out. In the meantime, here is her contribution to “Friends with Recipes”! 

Bethie x

Baked Gnocchi -Nomi Olsth00rn