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Two Quick and Yummy Dinners

My friends over at Little Dish asked me to come up with some recipes to show off their new range of (low salt, no sugar/sweetner) sauces. We love Little Dish products around here, so of course we were happy to!

I came up with two fun recipes that the kids were able to make almost entirely by themselves using Little Dish’s “Classic Tomato Pasta Sauce” and “Mild Korma Cooking Sauce”. We were all quite pleased with how yummy the dishes turned out and will most definitely be making them again!

Easy Courgette Lasagna


-1 pot of Little Dish “Classic Tomato Pasta Sauce”
-250g (1 cup) ricotta cheese
-1 egg
-1 large handful of grated mozzarella cheese
-1 courgette (zucchini) thinly and evenly sliced (ideally with a mandoline)
-1 small handful of spinach, thinly chopped
-salt and pepper to taste


1. stir together the ricotta cheese, egg, and spinach (and salt and pepper if desired)

2. in a small baking dish, spoon out half of the pot of sauce and spread evenly
3. place a single layer of courgette over the marinara sauce

4. drop big spoonfuls of the ricotta cheese mixture on top of the courgette and spread carefully so as not to pull up the layers below
5. sprinkle a layer of grated mozzarella over the ricotta
6. repeat these layers once more before finishing with a final layer of grated mozzarella
7. bake at 170° for 30 minutes (cover with foil if the cheese starts to get too crusty)

This was seriously delicious. The sauce was far more flavourful than I hoped it might be given how healthy it is (all natural, low salt, no sugar/sweetners) and it brought a lovely, bright flavour to the entire dish. This lasagna is a yummy, easy meal that the entire family can enjoy for dinner, and the kids absolutely loved that they were able to make it (nearly) all by themselves!

Quick Chicken Korma Wraps


-1 pot of Little Dish “Mild Korma Cooking Sauce”
-150g (1 cup) shredded chicken
-1 grated carrot
-sliced peppers (I chose red and orange)
-1 big handful of spinach, chopped


1. mix together chicken, sauce, spinach, and carrot
2. spread this mixture down the middle of a tortilla and cover with peppers

3. fold like so:

fold down the top and bottom of the tortilla

fold in the sides to completely cover the filling

Top tip: We always tie our tortillas with baking twine so that they are much easier for little hands to manage. The string easily comes off once they eat what is above it.

I love cooking challenging flavours for my kids, but this can often be tricky to do without adding too much heat. Little Dish’s korma sauce ticked all the boxes for me: it was incredibly flavourful, healthy, and wasn’t at all spicy for little mouths. I served this up with some chopped cucumber and tomato, but it could just as easily stand on its own given how much veg there is inside!

Big thanks to Little Dish who trusted us to come up with some fun recipes with their new sauces. This post is sponsored by Little Dish, a brand we know and love. Thank you for supporting the brands that support Hungermama!

(Find Little Dish’s new Kitchen Cupboard essentials range at Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Morrison’s, Boots, and Ocado.)

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